Toolmaking, Mould Making and Precision Engineering

Precision machining is what we do. We can design and machine to very fine tolerances using precision CNC lathes, CNC machining centres, spark erosion (EDM), surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do you have relevant experience?
A1: We specialize in toolmaking and mould making. Click here to see examples.

Q2: How long will it take?
A2: From 1 day to 3 months depending on complexity. Click here to contact us for an estimate.

Q3: How much?
A3: From $90 to $150,000. Click here to contact us for an estimate or a discussion of your needs.

Q4: I have an idea for a product. How do we move it forward?
A4: We have experience in product design, industrial design, and bringing new products to market. Click here to view our development process

Q5: Is my idea safe?
A5: Yes. Our reputation is based on keeping your data safe. We ensure appropriate non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality.

Features and Benefits

  1. We can provide toolmaking, mould making, blow moulding, die casting and plastic injection moulding and manufacture precision parts economically which saves you money and time.
  2. Our CAD modelling service allows you to visualize your idea in 3D.
  3. We can provide in-house 3D Printing so you can physically see, test and market your idea.
  4. We can provide CNC machining to precisely machine components to exacting specifications.
  5. We can use Spark erosion when machining challenging pieces with intricate detail.

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Precision machining

Custom industrial sieve for food industry

3D Printed Design

Muesli bar roller design

See more examples in our portfolio.

Happy Customers

Matta Products Ltd have had tooling built at ATS since 1991.

The majority of these tools are 1.5 tonne and over. Not only are they large and also complex in design, the quality is first class.

In recent years we have looked at and been tempted by the cheap tooling prices available from China. In the end we have always stuck with the ATS team, due to the service, design expertise, and input into product development.

We also see them as a vital support industry to our business and see them as a top tool making company in New Zealand.
Tim Scott - Matta Products Ltd