Toolmaking and Mould Making

Absolute Tooling Solutions are specialists in toolmaking. We have been designing and building moulding tools of all types for over two decades. We have experience in plastic injection moulding, blow moulding, die casting tools, extrusion tooling, foam compression tools and all types of jigs and fixtures.

Together with our design capabilities, in-house 3D Printing, and our relationships with plastic moulding specialists, we can offer a complete solution from your product concept to your finished production parts.

Our end-to-end solutions approach saves you time, money and effort in the product development and tooling process

We also service and repair existing tools to keep them running efficiently for your business

We can generally modify or enhance your existing tooling to accommodate design changes or improvements

The team at Absolute Tooling collectively have decades of experience of all types of tooling. We look forward to working with you to gain efficiencies through good design and smart tooling.

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Large Extrusion Tooling
Laundry power scoop moving cavity plate
Laundry powder scoop
Resin Tooling Design
2L Milk Bottle Tooling
Machining of Steendyke logo insert for rotational mould
CAD of Extrusion Tooling
Plastic Injection Moulding Tool
Resin tooling
Counting beans tool
Plastic Injection Moulding Tool

Happy Customers

Matta Products Ltd have had tooling built at ATS since 1991.

The majority of these tools are 1.5 tonne and over. Not only are they large and also complex in design, the quality is first class.

In recent years we have looked at and been tempted by the cheap tooling prices available from China. In the end we have always stuck with the ATS team, due to the service, design expertise, and input into product development.

We also see them as a vital support industry to our business and see them as a top tool making company in New Zealand.
Tim Scott - Matta Products Ltd