Case Study 3 – Ducting Cap Tooling Project

We were approached by a client who wanted to save money on his imported plastic “Duct Caps”. These are used in the building and construction industry to cap off ducting which is embedded in poured concrete floors, for cables and services. Our customer had rising demand due to the Christchurch rebuild, and his existing imported caps where getting more expensive.

We modelled up a replacement product and did analysis of the tooling and moulding costs for the project.

This quickly demonstrated a short payback period for the client. He was also pleased that after the payback period for the tooling, he could easily ramp up his supply and improve his profit margins without having to worry about delays and hassles with his previous overseas suppliers.

If you have an imported product that you would like to tool up for, contact us and we will help you to work through the process, improve your sales margins, and gain back control from your suppliers.

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Happy Customers

Matta Products Ltd have had tooling built at ATS since 1991.

The majority of these tools are 1.5 tonne and over. Not only are they large and also complex in design, the quality is first class.

In recent years we have looked at and been tempted by the cheap tooling prices available from China. In the end we have always stuck with the ATS team, due to the service, design expertise, and input into product development.

We also see them as a vital support industry to our business and see them as a top tool making company in New Zealand.
Tim Scott - Matta Products Ltd